How do I block my phone from being monitored?

Maintaining our privacy in this digital age must be one of our top priorities. Today, practically everything we do involves technology. Therefore, most of our devices are linked together. This is a serious concern because all the data stored on your devices are open to hackers with only one of your devices.

It is unsettling to consider that someone may monitor your online behavior, create a profile of you based only on the behaviors you conduct online, and then use this data against you.

Trans, location, and activity tracking are all possible if you have an Android phone. With an iOS device, you can rely on built-in security settings more, but not as much. It takes a little more work to stop someone from following your phone when you use Android.

Although Google is allegedly developing a tool to block cross-site tracking, the option isn’t yet available, so you’ll need to look at individual apps to see if they provide comparable settings.

How do I block my phone from being tracked?

Smartphones have always had location-based technology as a standard feature. On the one hand, it makes it possible for mobile users to access a variety of various. Still, it also makes it possible for organizations and individuals to track and collect crucial information about your locations. We’ve had numerous requests from individuals asking for advice on how to stop my device from being tracked.


After carefully reading this guide, you can disable your phone from monitoring you regardless of the cellphone you use. Find out now

The location feature enables businesses to conduct “target advertising,” inundating you with pointless advertisements. Additionally, it undermines your security and privacy because numerous people can find your precise location.

You must stop your cellphone from tracking your position as a result.

Tracked via Turn Off Location Service

Disabling location tracking on your smartphone should be your first step if you are wondering how to block my phone from being monitored.

Stop My [hone From Bring Tracking By Using VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to prevent tracking of your smartphone. By eliminating cookies and masking your IP address, a VPN hides your real location and offers a have such to another network. Nord VPN is the most popular VPN for iOS and Android users out of the variety of VPNs available for iOS users.

SIM Card Tracking

Through the SIM card, even a dumb phone (i.e., one that is not mobile) can track you. For you to accept calls and send SMS texts, SIM cards connect to neighboring signal towers, but that signal can also be used to determine your location. Additionally, cybercriminals can hack your SIM card without having physical access to your phone. Although everything seems horrible, what can you do?


Take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your SIM card. Make sure you are familiar with the PIN your provider gave you first. If not, you’ll be preventing others from using the service.

How to Lock Your SIM Card

For Android phones

Access Settings

the Lock screen and security option

Select Other security options.

Go to SIM card lock setup.


For iPhones

Access Settings

Choose cellular

Choose a SIM PIN.

To confirm, key in your PIN.

Simple Advice to Protect Your Data Permanently

You engage in a fight on three fronts in the campaign for internet privacy. You must keep cybercriminals, advertising, and the government from accessing your private information.

Even though the odds are stacked against you, you can still protect yourself.

Encrypt Your Data with CyberGhost VPN

A virtual private network is your best line of protection against online privacy-related problems.


Use CyberGhost VPN to encrypt your data and move your internet traffic over a secure tunnel. This makes visiting the web more anonymous, making it harder for outsiders to observe what you do online. Your activities and information are not accessible to bad actors, authorities, or your Internet provider (ISP).


Up to 7 devices can be protected at once using  VPN. You can avoid being tracked on your phone, computer, game console, and even smart TV.

Clear Your Browser History and Cookies

Your pals aren’t cookies. Your preferences, browsing sessions, and other personal data are stored in cookies.


Cookies are unique data chunks that let websites store and access data remotely on your device. For instance, many websites store your visitor ID in a cookie file. This document includes:


Your IP address, language-chosen browser or device, ID number, and location when you visited the website are examples of personal information (if you clicked on a social media post or through Google).

The time you invested in the website.

Your meta metadata data (such as the operating system and screen resolution).

These leave a physical record of your online activities. Despite being called cookies, they are closer to crumbs.

Use Privacy-Friendly Search Engines

Despite being the most well-known search engine, Google is a data-siphoning machine. Google gathers all of your data.

The search engine giant’s algorithm is aware of your searches, the links, images, and videos you’ve clicked on, how long you spend on websites, what you buy there, and much more.

Although less so than Google, Bing, the second-largest search engine worldwide, does track some information.

While a user is logged into a Microsoft account, Bing mostly tracks them. Both websites use cookies to gather certain information even if you aren’t logged into any accounts.

You must choose a private information search engine to avoid being tracked by search engines. Your information is not followed, saved, or sold by private search engines.



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