How can I spy on my child’s phone for free?

When it comes to child protection, parents will always think to track or spy on my child’s phone just because they can see their activities and what they are doing. For this purpose, there are many application trackers available on the net. Your main concern is only to save your child from bad things or bad habits.

Tricks to Spy on My Child’s Phone

Some of the tricks for spying on my child’s phone using applications are as follows.

Record Phone Calls

As you know, phone calls are necessary for everyone you can talk to any person from anywhere on your phone calls. The phone call is also a type of private talking. If you want to know what your child is doing or talking about, what their friends are, or what is in their minds, you can easily get all these pieces of information by recording their phone calls.

Snapchat Tracking

Snapchat is one of the world-famous applications for photography. You can also make new friends here and can chat or call your friends. Snapchat is rising among teenagers. You can easily spy on your child’s phone by tracking their Snapchat account and checking what they are watching or who their friends are.

Tinder Tracking

Tinder is a dating application where youngsters search for new friends. Moreover, Tinder is a visual application. You will find many people randomly. The reason for tracking tinder is you have to know what your child’s interest is, what they are doing in their spare time from which person they are talking to on tinder. They can easily track their tinder by knowing their tinder account and password.

Spy Instagram Account

Instagram is the most famous Application social media platform after Facebook. Many professional persons and teenagers are involved in using this application. This is also like a Facebook application. If your children are using an android or smartphone, make sure they are using Instagram. You have to spy on your child’s phone, track their account and have your eye on that. That is what your children are doing by using social media.

Spy your child’s iPhone

For remoting and controlling iPhone and saving mobile data, your child must make an iCloud account on their iPhone. This account contains all of your mobile data in it. If they forget or leak their password, all iPhone data will go to a person who will get your account password. You just have to get their password after that. You can spy on my childs phone.

Spy your child’s WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a calling and messaging application all over the world. People are using it to make contact with their beloved ones. You also can share videos and pictures, such types of links, and many more here. If your child is using WhatsApp, you have to focus on WhatsApp to protect your child from bad things. You can easily link their WhatsApp from your laptop or computer after that. Furthermore, You can see what they are doing on WhatsApp and what they are sharing doing this method. You can easily spy on your child’s phone.

Why Do I Need to Spy on My Childs’s Phone?

Your main concern is only to save your child from bad things or habits and save them from unknown stalkers. Parents always want to protect their children, no matter if they are in the home or outside. Their main concern is to make them safe.

Some of the following need to describe why parents spy on their children.

Cyber Bullying

According to the studies, cyberbullying is one of the most sensitive matters for a child. If your child makes an unknown friend on social media and that unknown person has to start trolling your child, and your child is hiding that from you, it will be caused depression and affect your children’s mental health.

Adult content

Nowadays, on the internet, it is a high chance of being in a range of adult content. These types of vulgar content not only divert their mind but also make them addicted to these things. Childs also try to do that shit. Parents have to track their phones and can put limited content on their phones so they can see. You can also spy on my childs phone by checking their calls and messages so that parents know what they are doing.

Health Issues

If your child is using too much mobile and watching web series or movies for a long time, it may cause health issues with your child. Your child can become addicted to their phones if they wake up and share every little moment on social media before bed. They are using phones which is not a good habit. It can be caused to affect their mental and physical health.


If your child is not coming home at their scheduled time and you are worried about that, by tracking your child’s phone, you will not face this situation and will be stressed free from thinking about where your child should be. You can install a phone tracking application and can easily see where your child is. Also, this application can spy on your child’s phone.


If your sister or daughter has a mobile phone and uses it online, it is certainly certain such an unknown person will stalk her. It could be very dangerous for them because, in some of the previous years reported, the teens are raped by some unknown stalkers. 


We hope this article will help you understand how to spy on your child’s phone and why we must do that. Parents just want to protect their children from bad habits and addictions, which is why they must take these steps.

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