How Can I Recover If My Instagram Account is Locked?

One of the best social media networks is Instagram. We spend hours on Instagram interacting with our peers, posts, and viral trends. What if you attempt to use Instagram one day and see the notification of your Instagram account is locked? If your account has been temporarily deactivated or locked due to a violation of Instagram’s conditions.

Terms and Conditions For Making Instagram Account

Instagram has some rules and terms and conditions on which you can have an account. If you ever violate these rules, you risk having your account locked or banned.

Let’s examine the guidelines for Instagram that you should be aware of.

  • To use this platform, you must be at least 13 years old.
  • Naked, partially nude, or sexually provocative images are not permitted.
  • Any activity that takes place under your screen name is your responsibility.
  • You can use only reliable Third-Party posting apps
  • You are not allowed to use banned hashtags
  • You should behave like a human using the platform. This means you can not overdo things.
  • Do not convey any misinformation 
  • You must have to follow the Instagram content rules

Why the Instagram Account Locked

In actuality, there are a variety of reasons why your Instagram account is locked. It is done primarily to protect accounts from fraud and to defend the platform. Along with it, the suspension supports a better user experience.

If Instagram determines that you have broken one or more of its user policies or guidelines, it will temporarily lock your profile. Here is a list of specific account activities that Instagram considers suspicious and may cause your account to be locked as a service to you. The frequent behaviors that give Instagram cause to lock an account include:

Due to Bot-like Activities

If Instagram observes activity from your account that appears to be bot-like, it may lock your account. The bot-like activities are anything that produces an apparent robotic pattern of repetitive movements.

If you follow or unfollow too many people on Instagram or if you do it excessively. Another factor is engaging in other behaviors like leaving the same comment too frequently. Additionally, bot-like behavior includes repetitive behaviors that are excessively frequent and annoy other people.

Instagram Account Blocked Due to Third-party Applications

Instagram Account is Locked

The stock Instagram app works just fine. To access some exclusive features or cover their tracks, however, many users turn to third-party programs. With an auto-comment, auto-like, or auto-share option, these apps can also perform bot-like actions.

It violates Instagram’s rules, in Instagram’s opinion. If they learn that you are utilizing a third-party app, they have the right to ban your account. Although not all apps are prohibited by Instagram, it’s likely that, with the exception of one or two, most of them are not.

Instagram Account Locked Due to Suspicious Activities

Scams involving phishing are very prevalent on social networking networks. You might have used a login service or website similar to Instagram and exposed your information by signing in. This can be used by hackers to take over your account and launch bot campaigns.

Instagram will impose a ban if it discovers suspicious login attempts that are then followed by an automated activity. You might have to deal with the ban as a result of illegal activity someone else engaged in on Instagram.

Due to Numerous Reports

If several individuals complain about your account on Instagram repeatedly, the account will be banned. The precise amount of reports that result in an Instagram account is locked is unknown. But if it goes against any Instagram rules, your account will be suspended.

How to Recover if the Instagram Account Locked

Here are the three steps to fixing an Instagram account locked support that is indefinite. You must make an official request to Instagram for them to investigate the problem. Repeat the next set of actions:

  • Open the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” option. You can accomplish this by selecting the Facebook search results or by typing the text “My Instagram account has been deactivated” into the Google Search Bar. You can also click on the link “My Instagram account has been deactivated.”
  • Once you have arrived at the form, fill it out completely by entering your full name, registered phone number, and email address (the one associated with the restricted Instagram account).
  • After then, clarify that your account was accidentally locked and that nothing you did violated any of the rules or policies.
  • After you have completed filling out the form, reread it before sending it to Instagram.
  • Finally, Instagram will send you an email that includes code and requests your identity be verified. The identical code must be scrawled on a piece of paper that you must send in a photo of yourself holding up. (The photo must be authentic; there must be no photoshop alteration, and your face must be visible next to the document you are holding. If Instagram has any reason to believe your photo is false or manipulated, your request may be rejected.
  • You can anticipate a response from Instagram in 1 to 3 business days after delivering the necessary photo in response to their email (which is a usual waiting period for this process).
  • You will then get a confirmation email from Instagram confirming that your account has been unlocked if your request to reactivate the locked account is approved.

How Long the Instagram Account Locked Last

The first Instagram account user ban lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Although Instagram doesn’t explicitly indicate this, many users have had this experience. So, after 48 hours, the ban will automatically end. You’re in a real dilemma, though, if it persists.

Stop engaging in the same behaviors that Instagram disapproves of. Or Instagram will become furious and cancel your account permanently. If Instagram takes such a step, your account data will not be retrievable.


Being subject to causing damage or an Instagram account being locked is frustrating. If your account is banned, your regular engagement and post statistics decline. The best course of action is to contact the Instagram help desk if you have an account ban that doesn’t go away on its own.

You can make a request for an audit of your account and the lifting of the ban here. Although the verification procedure is a little slow, it is worthwhile if you can lift the ban. Download and back up all of your data if it does not work.

After some time, Instagram will erase the account. You will need to create a new Instagram account and re-connect with your friends and followers.