If You Want Live GPS Location What Happens?

Parents who are worried frequently want to know where their children have been and are at all times. Fortunately, the live GPS location and mobile technology make it feasible to find out exactly where they are.

In actuality, these technologies have improved to the point that they can now determine a person’s precise location.

You can follow the travel history of the people you are following in addition to learning about their live GPS location.

You may now track someone without going to a mobile network provider. Instead, you can use a cell phone tracking tool to follow a cell phone’s position by its number.

How to Trace and Find Your Phone’s Location

We explain how to use your iPhone or Android device to track a phone’s position. Be aware that a phone’s location cannot be detected by its number. You may find out a smartphone’s position in a variety of methods.

Both Android and iPhone handsets include utilities for tracking your whereabouts built in. As long as the Location data services on the phone are activated, and the owner has given an app access to this data, these services are available.

Those location data can be utilized to locate my phone in the following ways.

Find an Android Phone User Person via Google’s Find My Device

It’s quite simple to find where your Android phone is. You can use Google’s Find My Device webpage as a Google phone tracker to find your phone’s location as long as location services are enabled on your Android device.

When you do, Google Maps will display a pinpoint of your live GPS location, indicated by a green colored icon.

If your phone is not in your possession right now, you can use the three services listed to the left of a map.

Play Sound

Even though the volume is on silent, your phone will still raise the alarm for five minutes. You should be able to hear the phone if it is anywhere near you.

Secure Device

If you are aware that your phone has been lost, you can lock it to prevent theft. With this option, you can still find your device and, what is even good, you can show a phone number that someone may call if they find your device.

Erase Device

You can remotely delete everything on your smartphone to make it completely unrecoverable if you’ve given up.

Make that location services are turned on and that Google has been given permission to track your phone’s location. Go to Setting, then Google to do this. Select Find My Device and switch it on to turn to track on. However, Find My Device is normally on as long as you link a Gmail account to your phone.

Your phone must also be turned on, online, have to Find My Device activated, and be accessible through Google Play in order for it to function.

In this manner, if you ever misplace your phone, you may easily use one of these functions to safeguard your data.

Find an iPhone via Apple’s Find My iPhone

You can utilize Apple’s Find My iPhone service to locate an iPhone’s location.

You need to have location data allowed on your iPhone for this to work, much like when tracking an Android device. If you do, you may track your iPhone in the same way by logging into iCloud from a computer or other device. It makes it simple for an Android device to locate your iPhone.

This fantastic service greatly enhances the possibility that a user will discover their lost iPhone. If you locate a missing iPhone, you may join success stories like this.

Offline will appear right away beneath the device name if Find My iPhone is unable to locate your iPhone.

Find For up to 24 hours, my iPhone will display the most recent location. If you check the box next to Notify me when discovered, Apple will send you an email when your phone is located.

How realistic are my phone’s GPS coordinates?

Your measurements should be quite reliable, providing your magnetometer is operating properly, despite some disagreement on this point. To ensure it provides you with the most accurate findings, you might need to calibrate this device regularly.

It is advised that you carry a device designed for this rather than depending on a smartphone if you are doubtful of the accuracy and need to know your exact Global positioning system while traveling.

Location Access on Mobile Devices Is Useful for Many Reasons

Finding a phone is simpler than ever, whether you use Google or another phonefinding service. Really, there is never a good excuse to be unaware of the location of an important item, even a loved one’s phone.

The sensation can be somewhat addictive after you’ve tried one of these. Where is my phone right the moment? How about right now, then? Your phone’s position right now is more intriguing than ever. We absolutely support it if you’re wondering how to find a mobile phone’s position on your own property.

Live GPS Location by Application

Your mobile device’s current location can be tracked and displayed in an app using the Android Location API. This tutorial will create a program that automatically retrieves the user’s current position.

Since Android API 1, location services for Android are available. Utilizing the Google Play Location Service APIs is advised by Google. Location-based apps are still created using the Android Location Services API for devices that don’t support Google Play Services.


We hope this article will help you understand how to track live GPS location. If you are the user of an android mobile or iPhone mobile, you can be tracked by google, and your loved one can find your location.

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