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hacked and monitored

Can my phone be hacked and monitored?

A phone hack is any method that permits unauthorized access to your phone or its data. This could entail sophisticated security breaches or simple internet connection spying. Additionally, your phone may be physically taken and hacked forcibly using methods like brute force. Since phone hacking…

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 If your crypto wallet is hacked

What to do If Your Crypto Wallet is Hacked?

Because crypto transactions are anonymous and frequently irreversible, cryptocurrencies are a favorite target for hackers. This makes it difficult to link stolen cryptocurrency to the hacker’s real identity and virtually impossible to undo illegal transactions. Therefore,  if your crypto wallet is hacked, your chances of…

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Cyberbullying Affect Your Mental Health

How Does Cyberbullying Affect Your Mental Health

Cyberbullying is an extremely significant problem affecting young victims, their parents, individual bully, and bystanders. The victim of cyberbullying, however, may encounter many emotional issues that negatively impact their social and learning skills and general mental health. It is harassment, and cyberbullying affects your mental…

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WhatsApp Hacking

WhatsApp Hacking Issue

WhatsApp has grown into an important part of our life in today’s digital world. It has more than 2 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is an easy-to-use Application. It provides messages, images, audio, and video services to people who live in different places. WhatsApp is a…

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Hacking iPhone

Hacking iPhone | Can iPhone Be Hacked?

Google and many researchers have announced that iPhone has some security flaws and iPhone can be hacked. Google researchers disclose iPhone security flaws. Security flaws allowed the hacker to Hacking iPhone.  Moreover, iPhones could be hacked through wifi. Hacking can turn iPhones into surveillance tools.…

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