WhatsApp Hacking Issue

WhatsApp has grown into an important part of our life in today’s digital world. It has more than 2 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is an easy-to-use Application. It provides messages, images, audio, and video services to people who live in different places.

WhatsApp is a simple-to-use application. It provides Security features, such as end-to-end encryption, offers the backup of messages, and stops third parties, including themselves, from giving access to backups of messages stored in the cloud. 

However, users can turn these settings on or off via WhatsApp chat to protect their user data and keep it private. On the other hand, WhatsApp hacking issues are a real concern for users. As great as these safety efforts are, WhatsApp isn’t immune to hacking attacks, which can compromise the security and privacy of contacts and messages of users.

Different ways to hack your WhatsApp

1. The Pegasus Spyware Voice Call Attack

Pegasus spyware voice call attack is old and well-known spyware called Pegasus. This attack allows access to the device by simply voice-calling on WhatsApp to the targeted user. If the user did not answer calls, This spyware attack would still be effective, and a hacker will install malware on the target device without the user’s knowledge.

However, WhatsApp hacking issues threat apply to Tizen devices. iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile.  

2. Remote Code Execution via GIF

Meanwhile, Research has aroused that WhatsApp has a vulnerability that lets hackers take control of the application by using GIF images. GIFs are special files that contain multiple encoded frames. 

Hackers can encode these GIFs with malicious data and send them to the user’s device, compromising the user’s entire data. The hacker could see the data photos, files, and videos sent from users’ devices through WhatsApp.

3. Facebook spying on WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp has officially declared that Facebook can’t read WhatsApp content because of end-to-end encryption. However, a developer named Gregorio Zanon claims that this is not entirely correct. 

Using end-to-end encryption by WhatsApp does not guarantee that all messages are private. Apps installed on operating systems, e.g., iOS 8 and later, can acquire files in a “shared container,” Due to this, users can face WhatsApp hacking issues on their devices.

4. WhatsApp Fake Colored Clones

Using cloned techniques to install malware on websites is an old hacking technique that cybercriminals still use worldwide. These clone websites are referred to as malicious websites. The hackers are now using this technique to breach Android systems. A hacker will try to install a  WhatsApp clone, which may look impressively similar to the original app, to hack into your WhatsApp account.

Is it possible that someone can hack my WhatsApp?

A digital risk management firm recently discovered new WhatsApp security vulnerabilities that malicious hackers can exploit to take control of an unsuspecting user’s WhatsApp account by asking a user to dial a certain code on their device to hack the user’s WhatsApp account.

The process involves using social engineering, including contacting the victim. It takes advantage of the fact that the average WhatsApp user is unfamiliar with MMI codes and other WhatsApp hacking issues.

How can I see if my Whatsapp is hacked?

WhatsApp Being the most widely used application around the globe, users are having great concern over WhatApp hacking issues and how a normal person can check if their data is safe. 

However, here are some steps from which you can easily determine whether or not someone else is using your WhatsApp account. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Firstly, check your account for any other suspicious activity since the last time you checked your account.
  • Secondly, Check the last sign-out time, chat sessions or call list, changes to the account, and so on.
  • Go into your settings and check all devices which are logged into the account. Log out of your account immediately if you notice any unknown devices are logged in there.
  • Quickly change your account password by logging back in.
  • Hopefully, following these steps, you can check your account and resolve the issue immediately.

Is it possible to hack your Mobile data through WhatsApp?

Although WhatsApp hacking issues are real, like any other messaging service, WhatsApp is vulnerable to phishing security risks.

WhatsApp users face a unique threat of hacking, making it possible to hack targeted mobile phone users. However, if it is hacked, the hacker can access all stored data on the user’s device and even record conversations and take photos with the user’s camera by using different programs.

How can you stop someone from hacking your WhatsApp?

When using WhatsApp, messages use WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption to avoid WhatsApp hacking issues.WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the user you’re communicating with can see the data.

Enabling WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature and preventing scanning of any unsecured QR code with the WhatsApp Web service function. Never giving your mobile in the hands of an unknown individual would also aid in enhancing security.


In this article, we learned about one of the most widely used messaging applications around the globe. It has even overtaken SMS service. WhatsApp has shaped modern communication and made it easy as we know it, and it continues to release updates that only improve the user experience. 

Unfortunately, the user data has been compromised several times due to WhatsApp hacking issues in mobile applications and malicious attacks. WhatsApp did a poor job of explaining the changes to its privacy policy, and due to this issue; as a result, WhatsApp has lost millions of users. In this article, some examples related to WhatsApp hacking issues are explained, including how users are facing WhatsApp hacking Issues and the different ways that WhatsApp accounts can be hacked. 

While WhatsApp has addressed some of these issues since its revelation, some flaws remain. It is important to stay vigilant. To learn more about whether WhatsApp is safe, you should acquaint yourself with knowledge of WhatsApp security threats. So, always keep yourself updated with your privacy!